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New Paltz, NY 12561
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Gilmour Planning provides progressive yet practical community planning and area development consultation to communities. This region is replete with cultural heritage, working landscapes, vital Main Streets and natural splendor. We aim to preserve and enhance the most salient features of these places while fostering complementary development. Our services include:

  1. Comprehensive planning
  2. Sustainable development
  3. Community outreach
  4. Economic & fiscal analysis
  5. Impact assessment
  6. Neighborhood and district master plans
  7. Land use code updates
  8. Housing needs assessment
  9. Capital improvement planning
  10. Main Street initiatives
  11. Agricultural & open space plans
  12. Corridor studies and scenic road programs
  13. Historic preservation
  14. Community development policy
  15. Evaluation
  16. Feasibility analysis and grant writing

Gilmour Planning's technical focus integrates smart growth principles into everyday planning. We are trained and experienced in planning and public health. Drawing on extensive expertise, we will forge meaningful plans to help you achieve sustainable sites and regional, community or neighborhood-level economic development.

Through respect for your area's values, Gilmour Planning will help establish the physical and social infrastructure necessary to enrich your community today, and enhnace the lives of future generations. Gilmour Planning looks forward to demonstrating how great planning can accentuate your community's special places!